Terms and Conditions

Event registration


The payment for a registration must be fulfilled within 7 days of the registration. If no payment is received within that period, the registration will be deleted. Payment can be done directly on the website or by wire transfer. If payment is done outside of Europe by wire transfer make sure to use OUR and pay all costs. Do not share costs (SHA or BEN). Alternatively, add 0,1% to the amount you pay with a minimum of € 10,-. Our bank will deduct these costs for payments received from outside the IBAN system. Your registration will only be valid when the amount received by us covers the cost. 


Upon cancellation by the participant, the following percentage of your ticket will be reimbursed, depending on the cancellation date: 

  • Before May 1st 2023: 75%
  • Before June 1st 2023: 50%
  • Before August 1st 2023: 25%
  • After that: 0%

To cancel your registration, please contact orgateam@emag23.nl and include your name, email address of registration, registration confirmation number and bank details. 

In case the event is cancelled due to force majeure (such as Covid 19 measures), the organisation is committed to using all funds that are not yet spent or are refundable, to compensate the participants. From these funds, all participants will be compensated an equal percentage of their fee. 

Transfer of registration

A registration for the event can be transferred to another person until two weeks before the event, without a charge. To do so, please submit the details in our Ticket selling form. You must arrange the payment between you and the recipient yourself. 


Sharing rooms

If you book a room with multiple guests, only one of you needs to book and pay for the room. It is then your responsibility to arrange the payment with your roommates. The names of the people staying in the room must then be listed on your profile page. You can book a room for fewer persons than listed, but not for more. If you bring children, please check with the hotel. In all cases you can change the names of the guests until 2 weeks before the event. 

Cancellation policy

Hotels that can be booked through the website have different cancellation policies. Please check the final cancellation date on the hotel detail page under Accommodations. If none is listed, the final cancellation date is April 1. When you have booked and paid a room, and cancel before the final cancellation date, we will refund the total amount minus the bank transaction cost within 30 days. To allow us to do so, please make sure you enter your bank details on your profile. 


When booking a room through the website, the hotel room must be fully paid through our payment system to confirm your booking. We must have received your payment within 7 days of the date of booking and before the latest date of reservation possible for the hotel. We will transfer the money to the hotel. In the unlikely event that the reservation needs to be cancelled by the hotel, it is our responsibility to get a refund from the hotel and transfer the money back to you within 30 days of receiving it. 


By registering for the EMAG23, you enter a contract relationship with Vereniging Mensa Nederland. In order to provide the service, Vereniging Mensa Nederland processes and retains the personal data you enter in the registration form. Detailed information about how we process and retain your data and what are your rights, can be found in the privacy statement of Vereniging Mensa Nederland, included below.

By entering your personal information for your badge on your profile, you agree that these fields will be shared other people who create an account.

By registering for the event, you agree with taking pictures that can be published on web pages and magazines of EMAG and national Mensas.

By booking an accomodation via our site, you agree that we will share your name and permanent address with the selected accomodation.

You should always enter only your own data into the registration form. If you are entering data of someone close to you, make sure to enter the data only with previous consent from the person. Be aware that in such a case you are responsible for informing the person about the conditions of the event and about use of their personal data.

Organisation details

Vereniging Mensa Nederland

Horapark 9

6717 LZ Ede, the Netherlands

KVK 40407559

Privacy Statement

Protection of personal data

The protection of your personal data is of essential importance to Vereniging "Mensa Nederland". Personal data are therefore handled and secured with the greatest possible care. The following principles apply:

We adhere in all cases to the requirements set by the Personal Data Protection Act of the Netherlands. The data of members, customers and visitors are recorded in our association administration. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, Article 3 Exemption Decree, this processing of personal data does not have to be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority in The Hague. The party responsible for the data processing is Vereniging "Mensa Nederland", having its registered office in The Hague and its principal place of business in (6717 LZ) Ede at Horapark 9.

Members are, by virtue of their membership, obliged under the articles of association to provide the board of the association with their name, address and place of residence, as well as the mutations thereof. This information shall be treated confidentially by the board on the understanding that the board shall be at liberty to disclose this information to other members of the association.

Because the promotion of contacts is one of the objectives of the association, you have the opportunity on the member site to tell more about yourself and the member site allows members who are logged in to look up other members.

As a member you can request with motivation to the board that your data through the member site is not available to other Mensa members.

We will limit the collection and use of data to what is necessary to provide the desired level of service to our customers and visitors or to prepare or execute agreements.

Your (email) address will only be used by Mensa for correspondence.


This website records general visitor data, such as the most requested pages. The purpose of this is to optimize the design of the website.

Use of Cookies

Mensa makes use of cookies when offering its services.

When logging in to the member site, a cookie is placed. This is intended to remain logged in during that visit and if checked also on subsequent visits.


The infrastructure and programs for administering customer data are created and secured in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot obtain information about customers and visitors.

Links to other websites

On the website you will find a number of links to other websites. Although these websites have been selected with care, we cannot accept any responsibility for the use of your data by these organizations. Please read the privacy statement, if any, of the website you are visiting.

Special addition EMAG23

The EMAG conference has an additional policy, this is listed under the heading GDPR at the following page: Terms & Conditions.


If there are any questions about Mensa's privacy policy, please use the contact form below.

Mensa reserves the right to make changes to the privacy statement. Therefore, please check the privacy statement regularly for an update of Mensa's privacy policy.