A brief history of EMAG

EMAG is the European Mensas Annual Gathering. Every year around the first of august participants are flocking in from all over the world. By the hundreds. EMAG is one of the largest international Mensa gatherings in the world and for sure the largest one in Europe. Mensans of all ages come to the EMAG to meet like-minded people, sharpen their minds on lectures, participate in workshops, see the sight and mostly: have a wonderful time!

In 2008 a group of German mensans organised the first European gathering in Cologne, Germany, with the goal of implementing a conference where people with a high IQ can enthusiastically learn at their own speed. 

More EMAGs followed:

  • Utrecht, NL (2009)
  • Prague, CZ (2010)
  • Paris, FR (2011)
  • Stockholm, SE (2012)
  • Bratislava, SK (2013)
  • Zürich, CH (2014)
  • Berlin, DE (2015)
  • Krakow, PL (2016)
  • Barcelona, ES (2017)
  • Belgrade, RS (2018)
  • Ghent, BE (2019)
  • Brno, CZ (2021)
  • Strasbourg, FR (2022)