Frequently Asked Questions


When is EMAG 2023 going to take place?

The date is set to August 2-6. Save the date!

What is the main venue of EMAG 2023?

The main venue is the World Trade Center. This is where most lectures and workshops will take place. Furthermore there will be plenty of room to meet, chat and play games with fellow Mensa members while enjoying a drink.


When can I buy my tickets to EMAG 2023?

You can reserve your ticket today! Please make the payment within one week to secure it, otherwise you will lose your spot!

How can I register for the event and the program? 

The first step is to create an account and log in. After that you have options to register for the event, book hotel rooms and sign up for the program items. 

Where should I stay? 

We have worked hard to make deals with hotels in Rotterdam, to be able to offer you the best possible price. You can find the deals in the accommodations section. When logged in, you can book your hotel room directly, so that you benefit from the deals we negotiated for you. 

When can I sign up for the program items? 

The program is already available for registration. If you have a valid registration for the event, you will see the program items under Activities. Note that some items have a final date of registration, because of the deals we have with the providers.

Bringing guests and children

Can I bring my partner and/or children?

Yes, you are very welcome to bring your partner and children! We will have several activities that are suitable for children and families. You can add your partner and children as guests on your account, so that you can manage their registration and payments all in one place. Make sure you also book and pay a reservation for your guest(s). The registration fee for children is automatically adjusted for their age at the time of the event. In case your guest wants to manage and pay their own registration, they can create their own account.

My guest is not a Mensa member. What should be entered in the membership number field?

In the membership number field, you can enter '+1' and your own membership number.

I am not on the list of participants or my guest is not on it.

Make sure you and your guest are both registered by selecting each name one by one in the top right selection field, choosing Registration on the right menu and checking the registration check box.


How can I edit my personal data (for on my badge)?

In the participant profile you can find the personal details that you entered during registration. You can edit the information here if needed. This information will appear on your badge, so make sure it is correct. Your email address can not be changed. To enter the spoken languages that appear on your badge, please go to My choices. You can find a list of two-letter language abbreviations here.

How can I delete my account?

To have your account deleted, send an email to

Why do you need my date of birth?

We have different prices depending on your age on the first day of the event so the day of birth is important to fill in accurately for children. If you are an adult the exact day is of less importance so if you feel uncomfortable sharing that with us, feel free to just enter 01-01 and your year of birth.

How do I download my activities into my agenda?

  • Log in on the EMAG page
  • Go to
  • The blue block on top of the page represent your activities
  • Click the download button
  • Save the file somewhere you can find it back
  • Open Google calendar on your computer, in a browser
  • Log in, if needed
  • Click the wheel and then ‘settings’
  • Left column, click import and export
  • Click ‘import’
  • Choose ‘select a file’ (in the gray bar)
  • Find the file you just imported and select it
  • Open it and click the white ‘Import’ button

Your activities are now in your agenda, on your computer but also on your phone, if you open Google calendar in a browser there

Gifts, goodies and T-shirts

I would like to order more than one T-shirt of the same model, colour and type, or more than one of a specific goodie. Is that possible?

Yes, you can use our bulk order form for ordering multiple items of the same type.


How can I pay?

When logged in, you can find a list of items you need to pay for under Summary. If you click on Payments, you can pay the amount that is due. The payment system, Buckaroo, supports several payment methods. If your preferred method is not supported, you can transfer the money using wire transfer. Make sure you pay within the indicated time, so that you are sure of your spot. If the payment expires, the reservation is released. Furthermore, note that the costs of the wire transfer should be covered by you. If you pay from outside of Europe do not share costs (SHA or BEN). Alternatively, add 0,1% to the amount you pay with a minimum of € 10,- because our bank will deduct these costs for payments received from outside the IBAN system. Your registration will only be valid when the amount received by us covers the cost. 

How can I pay with my creditcard?

You van pay with your credit card by using the PayPal option and instead of logging in select the Pay as guest option. 

I cannot make a payment in any of the presented ways, what can I do?

If none of the payment options suit you, please send an email to and we will try to help you with this. 

What happens if I accidentally paid too much?

The money will remain on your profile balance, so you can select additional program items if you want. The remaining balance will be refunded in the week after the event.

I have paid but in my account it does not show, how is that possible?

It can take up to 48 hours before payments are processed depending on the payment method so please check again after two days.

Selling tickets

I can't make it to EMAG. Can I sell my registration to someone else?

Yes. If you have found someone to sell your ticket to, you can enter your and their details on the Ticket selling form. Please note the following:

  • The buyer already needs to have a user account on the website.
  • You arrange the price and payment between you and the buyer.
  • The entire registration, including gala and icebreaker, is transferred to the buyer's account.

I can't make it to the icebreaker or gala. Can I sell the tickets?

Yes. If you have found someone to sell your ticket(s) to, or if you wish to offer them so we can sell them for you on the website, you can enter your details on the Ticket selling form. Please note the following:

  • If you sell it to someone, this person must have a valid registration.
  • If you offer it to us, it goes to the next person in line of the event registration.
  • The payment is handled on the website: the price is credited to the seller's account, and debited to the buyer's account. Any overpayments will be refunded.

Dress code

The EMAG is a city trip with lectures and workshops in an airconditioned environment and trips to other places. When traveling be aware that it can feel much colder when you are sitting in the wind on the deck of a boat as compared to when you walk in the city.

In general, for all events you are free to wear whatever suits you and the occasion and makes you feel comfortable. No special rules other than how you would normally dress as a tourist. 

There is one exception, the Gala dinner.

Also at the Gala dinner there are no strict rules but classy clothes do add to the general atmosphere. Some will choose black tie; others cocktail or tenue de ville and some just casual. And although the classy setting in our ancient church asks for a beautiful dress or suit, for a lot of visitors bringing it over from far away is too much of a burden. So the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your clothes and enjoy the evening and the dance afterwards.

Noise and sound during IceBreaker & Gala


Bird has a few different rooms inside with different noise levels and a garden outside. In all rooms there will be soft background music and in one of the rooms there will be a DJ later in the evening. The quietest place will be outside, although it will still be a bit noisy due to the number of people we are with. Everybody should be able to find a spot with their preferred balance between liveliness and quietness. If it gets too much for you you can go for a walk in the neighborhood but since we are in the city center of Rotterdam, it will not be completely quiet.

Gala diner

The St Lawrence church will be noisy. Although it’s really big and the presence of tables and people will soften the sound, 800 people talking can take some energy if you are a sensitive person.

We have not programmed heavy sound levels during dinner, but people might be applauding for the speech. The sound system speakers will be directed towards the centre (the nave) of the church, the sound level will be lower further away from the speakers - in the galleries and behind the choir; there are tables in the back of the church where it will be quieter than in front of the stage. And it is absolutely no problem if you want to step outside for a while if you want. At 22.00 we will have a DJ so that will be loud, but due to regulations the sound levels will not exceed 74dB.

How can you reach us?

If you have a suggestion, a wish or if you want to contribute in any way, please fill in our suggestion form.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please send an email to